The furniture we make is unsurpassed in quality. Every aspect of its design and construction is carefully considered so that the finished product will provide service and pleasure for many generations. No shortcuts are taken in the choice of materials or the methods of construction. Every piece is individually made permitting special attention to the finer details often-overlooked in larger production runs.

Each wood is carefully selected for optimal grain and color match throughout the piece. Cut the quality wood into standard pieces then boils and steam is to prevent humidity from warp. According to the measurement requirement cut the wood into proper furniture size and carefully fitted them together. Surface sand to make them glitteringly. Wax them to protect and enhance the beauty of the wood, more pleasing to the touch and is easily maintained. Prior to finishing, dehumidify again so they will not bind when the wood swells from the summer humidity. Each piece is finished without defects of any kind. Make sure well packed upon delivery. We frequently do custom designs. For more information on custom work please feel free to contact us.